June 7, 1999
Sebastopol, California 
Spring 2002 Update

Subject:  New PROTECTION PANTY awarded funding for initial phase of FDA trials. 

A private corporation located in Sebastopol, California, announced that they  will receive funding from  N I C H D  (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development  Grant Number:  1 R43 HD35407-01A1)  for the first phase of testing a new style  prophylactic/contraceptive, which is worn by the woman during sex. 

named for Jane ( Everywoman ) Doe, will be tested at California Family Health Council located in Los Angeles, under the supervision of Ron Frezieres, Principle Investigator for .  The first testing will take approximately two months,  and is expected to begin after July 1 this year.

"This is a very simple product, everyone understands it immediately" said a spokesperson for  and Coordinator for the trials.  is designed to fit the inside of a woman, and is held in place by a specially designed pair of cotton panties, which are left on during sex.  The entire middle of the panties is high-quality latex, including the portion which is worn internally.  "There are lots of advantages designed into, and the trials required by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will show just how efficiently this product can function to stop the spread of disease, and prevent pregnancy." 
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 Many men might enjoy having an option for prevention of pregnancy or disease.  Currently, men have no choice for reproductive health and safety except male condoms, which some men find uncomfortable or difficult to use.  Women, although they have many means to prevent pregnancy, have no protection that can provide a full barrier against disease.  And for some women, chemical birth control becomes more risky as they grow older.  A product such as  is often called a "two for one" meaning that because it is a barrier to both disease and pregnancy, two health benefits are received. 

Although the first  to reach the market will be completely disposable, future models will feature interchangeable parts.  When  has been shown in public, many men express interest in the new sexy panty,  while most women are clearly delighted at the prospect of having such a convenient, appealing and easy to operate means for optimizing reproductive safety.  Currently women purchase more than 60% of male condoms in the USA. 

The most feared sexually transmitted disease is AIDS, but there are many other diseases which could be effectively prevented by a barrier method such as , especially herpes, which is often located outside the area of a condoms use.  Herpes can be controlled by medication, but has no cure, and can cause blindness to babies in the birth canal.  Genital warts, another disease frequently outside the condom barrier area, is now known to be a precursor to cancers of the reproductive system.  Some diseases, like chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, can make conception rates low, or cause permanent infertility.

Clinics, health counselors, doctors and nurses who would like to be placed on a mailing list can send letters to the address below.  No samples are available at this time, due to federal regulation. 


Ron Frezierez  (Principal Investigator) 
California Family Health Council  Los Angeles, CA 

HHH Development Co., Inc.  (the guardian corporation for 
P.O. Box 833 
Sebastopol, CA 95473 -  0833